December 15
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Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but
by the number of moments and places that take our breath away.
- Author unkown

January 1, 2015
Latest government travel restrictions and safety tips:
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Maps, Facts and Links to country/presentation lists by continent
Click link (above) to find some of our favorite websites and to access maps of the world, by continent.  The maps include links to:  an alphabetical list of all the countries by continent; and a presentation list that provides name and year of WWFTC presentation.  We continue to save our History in a reverse chron format for those who want to look up a presentation by date OR to locate more specifics about which cities or areas might have been highlighted in a presentation. 
Check out  WWFTC NEWS CLIPS, including
"Always Prepared:  Local doctors and travelers tips for international travel"  - (Daily Sun)

Charlie & Diane Jacobson
Laos and Cambodia
Have a happy and safe New Year no matter where to or how far from home you travel.